About Makeupfuture


We have been thinking about the future of beauty trends?

What kind of beauty products make us look healthier, more personal, more in line with our own style and aesthetics

And is it consistent with our personal worldview, values, and more...


We hope to have such a product:

This type of product conforms to our loves, allowing us to protect, cherish and care for our earth while becoming beautiful.


We want a green product

We want a product that cares about the environment

We want a product that protects the earth

We want a product that turns waste into treasure

We want a product that is recycled


We want more

It's all about protecting our planet, caring for our environment, and making us a better version of ourselves!


So we studied dried flowers. The dried flowers exude a light floral fragrance. The combination of dried flowers and essential oils is a perfect match.

It has the function of moisturizing, repairing and moisturizing the nails.


In the future, we are committed to researching more beautiful products that turn waste into treasure and present it to everyone.

Let us be our common home: the earth. Give out a small amount of power.

Love all of you! Be a better you!

Love Makeupfuture!